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LiLix Fri 31-Aug-12 17:54:21

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annaisabellasmummy Tue 24-Jan-12 23:37:43

Hi vicki, a pet hedgehog?
Sounds busy in your house with all those pets!
Do you fancy going for a coffee one morning as I'm just up the road smile
Anna and Isabella (11 months) xx

dacki76 Mon 23-Jan-12 13:55:44

Hi all,

I'm Vicki and I live in the Drayton area of Norwich. I'm 35 and live with my other half, 3 children (age 13,12 and 3 months), my 5 cats and pet hedgehog! I would love to meet up with some other mums of little ones as all my other friends have older children and I would love Mia to have some other little ones to interact with and hopefully meet some nice friends along the way for me aswell!


Vicki xx

annaisabellasmummy Thu 19-Jan-12 08:41:34

Hi All, Im 25 and mum to Isabella who will be 1 in 6 weeks! I'm looking to meet some more mummy friends in norwich smile
We live in taverham/thorpe marriot and would love to meet up with some mummys and babys.

katymaplekind Tue 20-Dec-11 16:08:07

Hi I am a 2 year old boy (who has high jacked mums laptop and possesses fabulous typing skills) I have a very keen interest in cars, tractors, helicopters - basically any vehicle!

My mum, dog and I have recently moved to Norwich and are looking to meet other mummies and boys or girls who share similar interests. My mum doesn't have the same interests as me - she works and drinks wine!

Hope to hear from others

Happy Christmas!

4madboys Tue 22-Feb-11 22:49:51

i do indeed have FOUR madboys and a baby girl who is 11kws, so five altogether! and thats me done!

norwich is a lovely area to live in and we are planning another meet soon, there should be athread somehwere...

MosEisley Fri 18-Feb-11 19:13:17

We're planning to move near Norwich and one of my biggest worries is meeting people and making friends, so it is nice to see this thread.

Well we're not with you yet, but hello anyway. My baby is just 7 months so similar to yours Jemma. Have you tried any activites and do you have any recommendations? [advance planning]

4madboys, do you have four mad boys?! I have three and planning a fourth (baby).

Is it a nice area to live in?

Sorry to hijack your thread.

Rinnyx Thu 17-Feb-11 16:36:50

Hello yet another Norwich mummy.
Hope you can join us at a meet up tho I sadly cant make the next one at the playbarn

4madboys Tue 15-Feb-11 20:08:13

bump, another norwich mummy here and also planning on going to the playbarn meet up, it would be lovely, there is a mn thread on fb, are you on fb?

is so find me sarahrebecca pearson and then we can tell you more about the meets!

Jemshutz Thu 10-Feb-11 20:35:33

I do, typo! That would be great, Ive felt so lonely. It would be lovely to meet other mummies and make new friends. Let me know more xx

BonjourIvresse Thu 10-Feb-11 20:33:45

Do you live near Uea? I live in norwich too near there, we are having a mumsnet meet up soon at the play barn if you want to join us.

Jemshutz Thu 10-Feb-11 20:29:07

Im Jemma, I'm 36 married mummy of one baby boy who's 6 months. Live near the urea in Norwich.

I love to laugh, shop, cinema, coffees, eating out etc. And would like to meet some other local mummies to share my days with, gets very lonely at time day in day out..

Lots of love Jemma xx

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