Family Friendly Sunday

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Dabble Thu 29-Jul-10 12:53:57

The Dabbling Duck, Great Massingham is hosting a jazz afternoon this Sunday (1st August)!
It'll be in the garden so plenty of space for little ones to run around.
Would be lovely to meet some Norfolk Mummy's!
Anyone has any advice on how to attract a few more families we'd love to hear it.

ragged Fri 30-Jul-10 08:30:32

Have you tried listing it on Netmums? grin
Remind me where G. Massingham is?

Dabble Fri 30-Jul-10 10:38:26

Hi Ragged,

No I haven't but I will have a look.
Great Massingham is between Fakenham and King's Lynn, just off the main road about eleven miles from Fakenham.

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