Mixed Race Family

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blendkids Tue 29-Apr-14 19:25:53

I have started a page dedicated to the care of mixed race hair.
I am after peoples view on different shampoos that they have used and which work.. please visit the blog. I would really appreciate your views.

irises Mon 19-Jul-10 14:34:05

Hmm, I think you're probably right. We are in a very affluent area & the other mixed race boys dad is a pop star grin

Tasala Mon 19-Jul-10 14:32:48

In a way I agree but it depends on the calibre of the local population. If you live in a middle class area then I think that educated people/kids behave as not to show overt racism. But I worry that where I live people are rather un-educated/ignorant. Thanks for the reply, maybe I am thinking too much! My eldest is not starting school for another 2 years!

irises Mon 19-Jul-10 14:26:53

Hi Tasala, we're not in Norfolk, but we're also a mixed (white and black) family living in a predominantly white area. Our ds goes to secondary school where over 98% of the pupils are white.

TBH, I don't see it as a problem. In an ideal world, the 10% or whatever the up to date percentage of non-white people is would be mixed evenly throughout the country, but the reality is that most non whites prefer to stick to big cities. That doesn't mean that everywhere outside those cities is like apartheid era South Africa.

We have never had any bother whatsoever, our ds is, if anything, looked up to because it's cool to be mixed race/black in an all white school. He occasionally says he wishes he had some more non white friends (one of his friends is the only other mixed race boy in his year) but he's not crying himself to sleep over it.

Tasala Mon 19-Jul-10 14:21:39

I am in King's Lynn (maybe not MN territioy!). I do worry that my DSs will be the only 'brown' kids in the school which is why I was looking for some friends out of school for them, maybe looking ahead to possible issues that (hopefully!) they will not have.

ragged Mon 19-Jul-10 14:07:36

KatieMac who lives near Acle is in a mixed race family. What town are you near?

I'm afraid Norfolk is a bit of a "Brownie-free-zone": not my wording, but a phrase used by an Indian friend who came to visit with trepidation.

It gets me down, too, even though I'm white, but I'm also foreign and don't like DC growing up in such a monoethnic area.

Tasala Mon 19-Jul-10 14:04:40

Forgot to say that my children are south asian/white mix!

Tasala Mon 19-Jul-10 14:03:30

There isn't a a MN Local board for W Norfolk so I am posting here. I have 2 pre-school DSs and am concerned that they have no contact with non-white children. Are there any mixed, asian or black families here?

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