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distantelephant Tue 24-Jun-14 12:15:35

Hi there,

Im separated from my wife. She lives in Forest Gate, E7. I need to find some accommodation such as a 1 bed flat or 2 bed flat. This is so i can be close to my child and allow her to have some overnight stays. Unfortunately i cannot afford the going rates as advertised on Rightmove to rent a 2 bed. So i was wandering if anyone out there had a room or 2 in a house that would not mind a child to stay on overnight stays. Somewhere with a garden and space for some toys too. I feel desperate as i so want to be close to my child but with the cost of renting in London this is proving to be extremely hard for me. I work full time and can pay a reasonable amount of rent but not the average rents that agencies costs. I can also help pay the bills.

I am a very friendly sociable chap and very handy with practical DIY things. I would say im clean and tidy and im into healthy living too. I enjoy exercise and gardening and generally keeping fit. I am also a very committed father to my child and love kids. My child is an only child and needs kids to play with who are similar age. She is 8 years now. I know this is a tall order to try and find somewhere that is child friendly but it would really help me out until the divorce has finalized which could take upto 2 years. My child is very friendly and well mannered polite kid.

Right now my wife is only allowing limited contact with my child. I want to have shared parenting and equal access but she is not allowing any of this. I feel that if I had a decent enough living space then that would help in court and settlement. Is there anyone out there who could help me out. The accommodation does not have to be in Forest Gate. So long as its close enough for me to get to. I have a car too. Thank you for taking the time to read this and do pass it onto anyone who can help me out.

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