Please help keep our Nursery School open in Newham (Beckton)

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benfitzgerald Wed 15-Aug-12 22:40:03

Please could everyone sign our petition at

Newham council have announced - during the Olympics no less, that they want to close our local Chestnuts Nursery School. This is not right as it is a popular and Offstead praised school at the heart of our community.

If we can get 1000 names on our petition then the Mayor and council are forced to debate and holefully reconsider their decision as the implications for the 60 students, 12 dedicated members of staff and parents who may have to give up jobs if alternate places can't be found are obviously of great concern.

We should be investing in schools, not closing the good ones.

Many thanks in advance for signing and spreading the word to help stop this closure.


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