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foxyjay31 Tue 11-Oct-11 09:30:38


I am a new member to this site, I find it very interesting and it is good that local parents can connect and share their thoughts and ideas on different topics. I am a lone parent of one and at the moment I am home educating my child as back in septemeber 2010 I applied for my choices of secondary schools and was given not one of my choices. I was given a school that was not of my choice and was not a good one of that, and prior to this had two appeals for two of my prefered schools and lost them both due to distance and not having any other children who attended the schools of my choice terrible!!

I just wanted to know if there is anyone else who has been through the same situation or if they are also home educating their children as it would be nice to get some advice it would be really helpful.

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