Flying from Newcastle with a baby

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Melliepie Tue 28-Aug-07 16:26:38

I'm due to fly (alone) to Turkey in two weeks time with my seven month old daughter. I was told when booking ( the airline is XL) that they don't allow car seats on board, and she will have to be on my lap for the journey (four hours). Another problem is that under the tightened rules and regulations, I'm only allowed one bag on board for the two of us, and this has to be 50x40x20cm max. Has anyone else had problems like these when travelling? Any tips? I'm really worried about entertaining her etc for that length of time, and it doesn't sound like there's going to be much room in that bag for toys...

hex Thu 30-Aug-07 07:59:44

that sounds tough...I guess your best option might be to ask at check-in whether, if the plane wasn't full, you could be allocated a seat that had a free seat next to it, so at least you'd have space. Say she's teething and quite whiney at the moment and you're worried that she'll disturb other passengers...Once up in the air, you could take her up and down the aisle tho I know that's a bit difficult with the trolleys but it might give you a change of scene. I've flown quite a bit with kids - It think I went to the Canaries with a child the age you've got, and it's do-able but not the most pleasant of experiences. Perhaps get an aisle seat for easier access - make sure she's changed before you get on since there's absolutely no room in toilet...I ended up putting toielt seat down and sitting on it to change my dd. Sitting with other kids helps as they keep babies entertained (esp. 5 yr olds)

hex Thu 30-Aug-07 08:00:14

oh and give her a bottle or bf when taking off and landing - helps ears

Highlander Mon 03-Sep-07 09:59:00

to take your car seat you'll need to book a separate seat for her. We did this when DS1 was 9mo on the way back from Canada. Waste of money as he preferred our laps!

Breast feed as much as poss.

There's so much going on that, at 7mo, she'll probably show more interest in everything else rather than toys. I really wouldn't pack too much. Some airlines carry 'toy packs' anyway.

DO march up and down the aisles doing baby chat with anyone who shows interest - you'll be amazed at how it passes the time.

DO introduce yourself to the chief steward on boarding - explain you're on your own and you're worried. They'll be very glad to help you when they can. If your baby is squeeling during mealtime, they'll happily keep your food warm until the baby is settled.

In the days before departure, if your baby has a cold, or is showing signs of a cold, get her ears checked by a GP.

Have fun!

PatsyCline Tue 04-Sep-07 16:53:40


I've always been allowed on with extra stuff that I've bought after security, so I usually buy a couple of books/small toys to keep my DDs amused.

I flew a few times on my own with DD1 and always found that the staff at Newcastle were extra helpful and kind. I hope you get the same VIP treatment.

Patsy smile

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