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SamandZack Tue 21-Aug-07 12:06:11

I have a 6 month old ds and have been off work since he was born. I don't get the chance to get together with my friends much during the days, since they either work full-time or work part-time and on their days off are busy with their own families who are quite a bit older. I didn't really attend many ante-natal classes and so didn't bond with any local mums-to-be at that time and now find it difficult to integrate into the little cliques which have since formed . It would be lovely to be able to get together with other local mums for a coffee to swap war stories and have an adult conversation .

Theresa Tue 21-Aug-07 19:20:33

Wanted to give this a 'bump' for you and also to suggest you post on the 'meet up' thread as well. Where do you live? I'm in Whitley Bay but my children are 5 & 8 and I work. However I have seen arrangements for 'Newcastle' mums to meet up on the other thread. Good Luck. xx

SmudgeMum Sun 02-Sep-07 15:17:03

Hi SamandZack - I've got a nearly 7 month old and know exactly what you mean about it being hard to meet up with people. I've met up with a few people through the Newcastle meet ups thread which has been really nice. I live West of the City but it is easy to get into Newcastle if you fancy meetinng for a coffee at all. Let me know!

podywody Tue 11-Sep-07 19:01:30

Hi Samandzack, here is a link to the thread that we use to meet up, we havn't met in ages so are due another catch up soon.
newcastle meet ups

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