dancing classes for boys!

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meljfj Thu 28-Jun-07 16:37:51

Hi, does anyone know of dancing classes for boys? My son is 4 and is a great little mover but all the classes i know of seem only to be for girls. I live in Greenside.

Theresa Sat 30-Jun-07 09:05:59

my daughter goes to Stages school of dance in north shields which woujld obviously be a bit of a hike. she is 8 1/2 & has done ballet, tap & modern since she was about 3. there hase been the occasional boy in her classes over the years but they never seem to last for long! Teacher is very keen to have boys dancing and very welcoming when they turn up but i think they tend to lose interest especially when they're the only one (understandable). She has tried with varying degrees of success to do street dancing and hip hop classes etc which may attract more boys but my daughter has never done these (not enough hours in the week!) so dont know if any boys go to these. there have sometimes been signs up to say classes specifically for boys are starting, not sure whether they did and what response she got, i shall ask today when i go. however i'd say the lesson to learn from this lengthy waffle is to contact some classes near where you live and ask them as the advert in yellow pages for our dancing school will prob not men tion boys classes specifically.

Theresa Sun 01-Jul-07 09:34:22

There are no actual classes for boys at our school at minute due to lack of interest but as i said yesterday, i'd ring a few schools near you and ask

motheroftwoboys Tue 10-Jul-07 15:35:17

I can contact the local dance teachers organisations and find out for you if you like. I am sure there are quite a few classes for boys.

meljfj Thu 17-Jan-08 19:59:26

Thank you so much Theresa and motheroftwoboys! Looks so rude I never responded to your suggestions, but forgot I'd typed the question onto this site and got really confused when I couldn't find it on another site, kept trying, and eventually gave up. Now I've re-found this site and lo and behold, here is my question very kindly answered!! So sorry about the delay. Will try phoning local dance teachers as suggested - thank you again!

babywearingmuma Sun 09-Mar-08 22:41:13

Dance city in newcastle has dance lessons with lots of boys attending.

meljfj Thu 24-Jul-08 19:58:58

Thanks, I'll try Dance City.

gibba8 Sun 24-Aug-08 17:31:12

Blaydon/Winlayton surestart centre do dance classes on a wed at 4pm. They are run by a dance teacher fron Rowlands Gill and there are a few boys in the class. It is a lovely little dance class and only £2 per class.

Monkeytrousers Mon 25-Aug-08 17:53:35

Hazel Rayson's (sp?)Dance school in Ryton/Barmoor do a Saturday afternoon class that I was going to try with my son. Just on the main road before the place where Ryton hub was. Think these are structured.

I am also going to try dance city.

Monkeytrousers Mon 25-Aug-08 17:54:29

My son is nearly 4 - if they both go the HR then at least they won';t be the only boys there!

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