baby styling and modeling

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warval Tue 29-Dec-15 14:20:26

Hi, I am a local business owner, selling kids clothing internationally. On a small scale I may add! But we are growing! Despite having rather rubbish pics of my clothes and using mainly mock ups, my shop on etsy is doing great guns and I recently went self employed. I have a sticking point tho! I need to get a bit better at promoting and advertising the clothes I do. I do not have a baby tho and as such, taking beautiful, creative shots are not possible. I am looking for someone to help. I offer clothes free to the babies who's mothers do good shots, but I would like more control over the look and feel of the shots. So, what I am looking for is a baby, or baby and toddler, photogenic, with whom I could work, along with a parent, in order to get some good shots. I will be attempting styling, funking the kids up and really trying to go for a professional look. So I suppose the question is, would this interest anybody? I live in Gateshead and would not like to travel far, as it could be that when the sun blinks, we need to rush out and get the shots. Do you live in Gateshead or get to gateshead? Do you have a beautiful/photgentic baby? Would you like to help a small business? My shop is retrostate on etsy and I also have a Facebook page the link for which is here. I am looking forward to any help I can get x

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