things to do during the summer break: learning about your child's cognitive development

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GemaM Thu 23-Jul-15 09:23:09

"Gema Martin-Ordas is conducting a study into children's understanding of other people's states and how they change across time. For instance do children understand that although they might be thirsty someone else is not. Also do they understand that people's states change over time? For instance I might be thirsty now because I ate something salty but I might not be thirsty tomorrow. If you are a parent with children aged 3 and 5 please get in touch with Gema, or if you have family or friends with children this age please pass this email on to them.
What will I have to do?
Your child will be asked some questions about other people's states while they play with the toys in our human development lab.

How long will it take?
The visit should last about an hour.

When will the visit take place?
Weekdays or weekends.

Who can take part?
- Children aged 3 and 5 years with no underlying medical conditions.

Is there any reward for taking part?
Each child will receive a small gift such as a sticker book for taking part. Travel expenses will also be reimbursed.

For more information or to arrange an appointment please email"

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