St Oswald's RC primary school, Gosforth

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mamamio2 Sun 28-Jun-15 13:31:14

Considering applying for a place in this school. Would appreciate feedback from current parents, especially with regards to these aspects:
(1) ability grouping - do they organise these? Are they effectively organised/dynamic?
(2) teaching style - is it flexible? or old-fashioned?
(3) do you feel they stretch your child's potential? Are they sufficiently challenged? Say, if a child is capable of learning more, would they set him more challenging tasks, or would he just be sitting around not doing much (though I realise that looking after the individual needs of 30 children is a daunting task)?
(4) the religious aspect - do all children participate in prayers/mass etc or do some children opt out?

Thank you very much for your kind opinions/feedback!

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