Advice on Whitley bay, monkseaton & cullercoats

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drobinson85 Sat 11-Jan-14 23:56:14

Hi there
I am in the process of trying to buy my first house. I currently rent in gosforth & love it here but can't afford to buy here. I live alone with my little dog so want to move somewhere I feel safe & not too isolated. I want a garden & a nice community feel. I also love tynemouth but again can't afford it! I am looking at Whitley bay, monkseaton & cullercoats but have heard that I should avoid some areas of these places. I just wondered if anyone could give me advice on the nice parts of these places or any specific areas to avoid? I will be walking my dog around the area so obviously want to feel safe, especially in the winter on dark nights! Would people say that monkseaton is the nicest area of Whitley bay? Is the area near to west monkseaton nice? I have seen a few nice houses around there but just worry I have no real inside info on the area. One house I am particularly interested in is in briar vale in west monkseaton...
Any help from anyone with any knowledge of the areas would be much appreciated.

sillymillyb Sun 12-Jan-14 22:37:36


I'm no expert but I was briefly an estate agent in the area a long time ago so will see what I can remember!

West monkseaton / monkseaton MUCH nicer than parts of Whitley bay, much more desirable. Sadly i don't know those areas very well though so hopefully someone else can advise.

There are parts of Whitley bay to avoid like the plague as area becomes full of drinkers at the weekend - the area around the esplanade should be avoided. The streets behind the high street (I think it's park view?) are nice, going up to the metro station.

If its tynemouth you want but can't afford have you considered some of the flats that boarder the area in North Shields? They have the ne30 postcode and are catchment area for the tynemouth schools, but your money goes a lot further. If you put in tynemouth into zoopla but a 1/4 mile radius, it will show them up.

Lastly, have you considered royal quays type area? Or seaton burn / seaton sluice? They have been recommended to me in the past as your money goes a lot further but yet have a nice community feel.

Good luck! I am thinking of doing the move in the opposite direction ironically, and am thinking of moving from the coast over to Gosforth.

If you need any more help let me know and ill see what I can dreg up out the memory banks!

drobinson85 Tue 14-Jan-14 22:47:39

Thankyou, that's all really helpful. I have considered the North Shields area but I am keen for a house with a garden and not a flat.. I keep looking out for any nice houses on that border area though & not much coming up at the moment. I had considered seaton burn but someone told me it was quite rough.. Not considered seaton sluice though so maybe I will look at that..
Monkseaton area is looking much more affordable for me & seems a nice area, would just be nice to hear from someone who can confirm if any particular parts of monkseaton that aren't as nice as others?
If you need any help on nice parts of gosforth just let me know :-)
Thanks again

goinghome Tue 11-Feb-14 23:59:56

Hi I live in Whitley bay near Whitley lodge it is very
Quiet and lots of dog walkers! And five minutes from the beach not sure if any cheaper than gosforth .good luck

goinghome Fri 28-Mar-14 17:37:00

hi I also live in whitley bay near whitley lodge it is very friendly and quiet but as goinghome said probably not any cheaper than jesmond!!!!

goinghome Fri 28-Mar-14 17:38:59

sorry don't know why my nickname has come up as going home my nickname is bigdonna lol

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