Another where to live thread - Fenham / Kenton / Blaydon

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superduperwuper Thu 30-May-13 14:06:03


Am looking to buy somewhere in the next 6 months or so - have a budget of up to £130k, and have been looking at the above areas, have driven round a bit, have heard good and bad about them all, but not from anyone who lives there now (or in last 5 years).

I also currently go to gym in Blaydon which is good and its very convineint for my work, plus most house for your buck but I worry the schools are a bit crap (Fenham schools get a much better ofsted).

If any residents could provide any pros / cons I would be greatful. I know one persons hellhole is anothers idea of paradise, but any info from mumnetters would be lovely. Everyone I know here has a much bigger budget than us / raves on about the coast and doesn't see why you would live anywhere else (is it that good wink)

Currently rent outside of Ncl (in Tyne valley so spolit as very quiet and a little boring but no crime), no DCs but want them once we have the house thing sorted.

CatsInCustard Fri 31-May-13 17:43:29

Fenham can be quite studenty

Cannycraic Fri 31-May-13 20:33:49

Out of the 3 I'd say Blaydon, great transport links, very near the Metro centre, so lots of shops and leisure facilities. The outskirts of Blaydon can be quite countryfied, near Whickham, Winlaton or Rowlands Gill way, so would be a little closer to what you have now, yet a short journey away from the centre of Newcastle.

The coastal area is certainly lovely, we looked at Tynemouth when we moved into the area, but decided to buy closer to Newcastle, as we got bigger house/garden for our money.

Check out with the postcodes for the areas you are looking at and it will tell you the monthly crime figures.

superduperwuper Fri 16-Aug-13 11:28:02

Thank you Cannycraic! Sorry I forgot about my thread! We are hopefully going for Blaydon : )

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