help ,sleepless night.

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leon1234 Sun 14-Oct-12 08:22:28

hi, I have 2 kids Kb 4 and sb 2 and half old. I attended first ever birthday party with kids yesterday. I from abroad and to my surprise no one spoke to me. they avoided eye contact even if I tried to smile.I encourage my son to mingle at school as he is from a different race and is conscious about it because of his English.I am over weight and not stylish like other mums and my sister feels that could be the reason for others avoiding me.

popsypie Sun 14-Oct-12 08:28:35

They sound awful. Just ignore their silly behaviour. Don't let them get to you. Focus instead on nurturing kinder friends for your children - there will be some who do not behave like this. Please don't think it is anything to do with you.

leon1234 Sun 14-Oct-12 08:31:38

thank you popsypie ,u have made my day.

popsypie Sun 14-Oct-12 08:38:30


cupcake78 Sun 14-Oct-12 08:39:45

What a horrible thing to happen. I hate to think its because of the reasons your thinking! Please don't focus on it too much and I hope you meet some nicer people soon! Don't change who you arewink

leon1234 Sun 14-Oct-12 12:05:23

cupcake78 thank u so much.

Shazjack1 Sun 14-Oct-12 12:13:22

Try to rise above it. These women are not worth getting to know by the sounds of it. You sound like a lovely person, don't let them get you downsmile

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