Opinions please - termly or half-termly fees for French/Spanish for babies and toddlers

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caperucitaroja Wed 18-Jul-12 09:05:58

Am a long standing mumsnetter but I've name changed.

I'm thinking of setting up languages sessions for babies/toddlers. I was thinking of charging termly i.e. 12 week terms but I'm under the impression that some mums are a bit reluctant to pay for 12 weeks in advance. Pay as you go/drop in I don't think makes sense as it's a programme i.e. children learn and consolidate what they've done in previous sessions. I think they would lose track if they came in one week, were away for a few weeks and then came back.

Would you be reluctant to pay for 12 weeks in advance (after a free session) or would you prefer 6 weeks?

DrSeuss Wed 18-Jul-12 16:34:02

I would pay for 6 wks at a time. Kids get ill, older siblings get ill, older siblings have stuff on too, there are parents' evenings, there are doctors' appointments and so on. If I had to pay for large blocks I might be less willing to sign up.

Quand est-ce que vous venez a Teesside? Cuando va a vener a Teesside?

caperucitaroja Thu 19-Jul-12 19:37:51

Hola DrSeuss.

Would love to go everywhere but Teesside is a bit far for me.

Yes, I was wondering whether, if I split it into 6 week terms, more people would sign up. I think you may be right and parents are less willing to pay for 12 weeks in one go. My children are older and activities (eg dance) are usually paid on a termly basis but perhaps people are more reluctant to do so for little ones.

Merci beaucoup.

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