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wonkylegs Mon 02-Jul-12 19:14:37

Toys - The nursery at newburn riverside flooded in Thursdays deluge.
Kids were evacuated to the ambulance centre and safety but the toys haven't been so lucky. Popped in today to see if I could help with the continuing cleanup and it seems a large amount if stuff is not salvageable. All the soft furnishings, cushions, rugs etc have gone and so have a lot of toys especially from the baby room. I've done an ikea shop and raided the loft but it's not much so can I ask local mums if they have any spare stuff as it would be gratefully received. Please let me know.
Many thanks

cupcake78 Mon 02-Jul-12 19:19:39

I may be able to help you! We're moving house soon ds has a birthday in sept and I have some old toys and books of ds you can have if you like. It may take me a day or two to sort them out. I have no idea where in Newcastle you are but maybe we could meet near Durham which is half way for me. gringringrin

Your welcome to them!

Indith Mon 02-Jul-12 19:19:42

wonky try Facebook, have you heard of the "mums in" pages at all? There is a Mums in Newcastle as well as Mums in various other local areas (Durham etc).

cupcake78 Mon 02-Jul-12 19:20:44

Happy to ask friends as well if that would help ;)

wonkylegs Mon 02-Jul-12 19:24:08

Thanks every bit of help would be welcome

cupcake78 Mon 02-Jul-12 19:27:24

When do you want them?

wonkylegs Mon 02-Jul-12 19:47:31

Cupcake I've sent you a pm

Harecare Mon 02-Jul-12 19:58:38

Have you tried a request on freecycle?

5inthebedPPA Mon 02-Jul-12 20:06:10

I am going to atatck my DCs bedrooms this wek at some point. If I make it out alive I may have some toys. What age group?

wonkylegs Mon 02-Jul-12 20:36:20

Under 5's
The baby room (under 2's) and the storycorner were particularly badly hit
anything however small would be welcome
thank you

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