NPSA or Dame Allan's juniors?

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MagnumIcecreamAddict Tue 08-May-12 20:12:05

I'm hoping for some opinions please between these 2 schools for our little boy who will be going from age 3. We will probably be changing to RGS at age 7, whichever we choose.
Anyone have any experience of these schools?
Many thanks

MagnumIcecreamAddict Tue 08-May-12 20:13:41

Sorry, dratted iPad, that should be NPS as in the Newcastle prep school rather than the NPSA!!

Skodafabulous Thu 31-May-12 18:55:09

I'm in the same position as you with the same plan at age 7.I've been told that NPS gears them up well for the entrance exam at RGS.I was told this year there were about 120 applicants for 70 places so even at 7 it is competitive.Having said that I looked around NPS and didn't really like the premises, very little outside space etc so we are going for Dame Allan's instead as it is opening at the new site this September, will have amazing facilities and we live closer to it.They both have small class sizes so I would have a look round both and see which one you prefer.I think that traditionally NPS has been the more popular school but that may change with the new Dame Allan's junior school.

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