looking for some mum friends

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je11ybean79 Mon 11-Mar-13 17:12:46

I have a 10 month year old and looking to make friends with other Mums in the Gosforth area. Let me know if you would like to meet for a coffee soemtime.

giraffebus Wed 16-Jan-13 13:37:05

My ds is 20 months old so nearly the same age now? I live in Heaton and would like to meet up with other mums.

kiminokid Sun 04-Mar-12 22:32:03

Hello Nichola, My DD is 9 months and I'm in Gosforth. PM me if you'd like to meet up. I attend quite a few of the classes in Gosforth if you want some recommendations

DamselInDisarray Tue 28-Feb-12 13:51:35

DS2 is 2.5 now, but we're in gosforth.

39widow Tue 28-Feb-12 13:48:17

my youngest ds has just turned 1 (24th) feel free to send a pm

mousebacon Sun 26-Feb-12 20:55:28

Hi nichola, have you tried the groups on at trinity church on the high street? There's always lots of mums around for the different classes so it might be worth a try?

Good luck smile

nicholamumtohelen Thu 23-Feb-12 10:53:36

Looking for some mums to have coffees and chitchats. Been going to the occasional baby groups but everyone seems to have their own groups and I find it hard to fit in. Iv been suffering pnd so found it hard to get out and about. My dd is 10month and i live in gosforth x

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