Desperately need help finding a 'replacement' soft baby blue penguin

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madmam3 Wed 18-Jan-12 10:15:36

You all may think I am going mad but I just feel so guilty as a mum, at time my youngest has a particular way of making me feel like this!
I desperately need anyones help regarding a baby toy that was bought in late 2005 from Morrisons supermarket whitley bay store, it was bought for my unborn baby son at the time but last summer was given away in error and is very sadly missed I was hoping if I could locate the seller I could buy a replacement product. But unfortunately I use to cut tags off toys when son's where babies for fear of chocking (I became a very paranoid mum for serious reasons).
It was in their baby/toy section & was a small cuddly soft penguin about 10-12cm high in a baby blue colour with a white chest area orange beak & feet & when shook made a rattle noise. They only cost about £1.50 & there was another version which was a pink rattle turtle, unfortunately I don't know what company made this product but it was in a box with lots of others with ABC on the outside.
I know I am asking for a needle in a haystack but I would be grateful for any assistance anyone could give me to locating this to replace the lost one, I contacted morrisons unfortunately they weren't able to help they say they contacted the store & they don't sotck anymore so couldn't help but wished me luck.
What happened is it was put in a bag for the charity shop in error (I feel so quilty but I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown at the time we had neighbours from hell, who terrorised myself & my children the council & police did nothing & had put up with so much that we had to flee our home for our children & our own safety luckily my parents put us up & the council eventually give us temporary accomodation that end up 7weeks+ ,not a fun last year so we had to downsize the toys & this baby toy his big brother bought him in error went to the charity shop).
It was around May 2011 year it went to the PDSA North Shields, when we realised we went to the store who were wonderful & searched all the cuddly toys but couldn't locate this precious penguin, so someone must have already bought it for another baby.
Everytime I am in North Shields I pop in & check incase they missed it but I still havent found it & my boy still says it matters (he's 5 now) recently the PDSA even allowed me to put a 'wanted' poster in there shop for this but, no response. I would even happily gladly pay a reward for Pengy's safe return to put a enormous smile back on my sons face & to stop me feeling so bad, I will probably never see this toy again but it's driving me crazy & I'm losing sleep & sanity over it.
Thank you for you time reading my message and I hope someone will be able to help I keep looking on e-bay but haven't found anything the same, maybe if you know anyone who bought this I would compensate them for this toy or any ideas I just really need help, thank you from a stressed out mum & her boy.

PotteringAlong Thu 19-Jan-12 08:15:28

Any of these similar?

madmam3 Fri 20-Jan-12 10:18:15

Thank you for your help 'potteringAlong' it is much appreciated unfortunately the penguin I am after is not there but thanks so much for taking the time to help
best regards

hackneyzoo Tue 24-Jan-12 21:19:26

There is a woman who runs a company called "teddies from heaven". If you google it it will come up with her face book business page. She finds replacement/ discontinued toys and does not charge for locating the toy. She found a replacement for my daughter's much loved and lost bunny! Good luck smile

hackneyzoo Tue 24-Jan-12 22:26:43

here's the link!

madmam3 Wed 25-Jan-12 07:28:08

thank you so much I 'm beginning to give up hope but I am sick of it dominating me why do I have to feel so bad, I don't understand why I am doing this to myself prime example of guilty mam, I am so glad your daughter got her toy, thanks

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