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choirmum Wed 09-Nov-11 13:13:03

Hi, I'd be grateful for honest advice and opinions please. We're considering RGS for our DS (year 9 entry from a small prep school). We know it has fabulous results, facilities etc but are not convinced that it would be right for him. He's bright but not a superstar and is a good 'all rounder' but doesn't really excel at anything in particular. He's also not the most confident child and can be over sensitive at times. My head and heart are both telling me that this would be the wrong place for him but equally, I don't want to deny him the opportunity based purely on gut instinct. We're going to open morning on saturday but I'd love to hear from people with experience.

streakybacon Mon 14-Nov-11 11:50:27

I think ultimately with any school you don't really know until you try it. You can go to visits and open days and get the right vibe, but you won't know the school on a day to day basis until you and your child are living it.

I know a few people with kids at RGS who love it and are doing well. It may well be that they 'fit' the RGS mould or equally the school could be stepping outside of usual expectations - who can say. I do know that problems my friends have had with their kids have been handled quickly and sensitively and their boys have come out the other end very well. Communication with parents seems to be good. Those I know who go there are thriving and very happy.

How did the open morning go? Did you feel any better for having gone?

Highlander Tue 15-Nov-11 16:39:19

I would contact RGS, voice your concerns and let them assess your son. They know exactly what kind of child 'fits' into their school.

Althoug it is a super-competitive school, I've heard v v good things about their pastoral care.

We're looking at year 3 entry.

choirmum Tue 22-Nov-11 00:25:14

The open morning confirmed my feeling that it's not the right place for him, and he didn't think so either! I think Year 9 entry is difficult anywhere but RGS admitted that it can be particularly challenging there due to the level of expectation in such an important year (options etc). I'm sure it would be different had he been there from an earlier age. On the other hand, I think it will suit our daughter to a tee when the time comes. She 'takes no prisoners' but he's a much more sensitive soul! We've found somewhere that feels like a better fit. Thanks for your replies.

Magpielover Wed 04-Jan-12 14:15:09

Hi choirmum - I would think twice about sending your daughter to RGS - much better option for her in Central. Read their Inspection report - knocks spots off RGS. Do visit - I made the mistake you could make - had a very unhappy daughter for a while. Central has helped rebuild her precious self esteem.

choirmum Sat 14-Jan-12 19:08:29

She's only 9 at the moment and won't be moving for a while, but she's already said she wants to go to a girls school next - I have no idea why! DS had and entrance exam this morning (not for RGS) and has another on wednesday so now it's a waiting game!

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