Calling all Newcastle new mums or mums to be....

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Mrsoverreaction Tue 22-Nov-11 19:48:20

Joey, I'm not sure why no-one has responded to this - I would perhaps email one of the tsarinas for extra guidance. My baby is now 10 months old and I'm going back to work in Jan so I'm perhaps not the best person to link up with. Socialising with people who have their babies at a similar time to you is invaluable. I can recommend some local classes though if you need me to? Best of luck smile

joey4 Thu 03-Nov-11 10:21:27

Any new mums or mums to be in the Newcastle area?

Im awaiting a new delivery in December and am wondering if there is anyone out there due at a similar time or with recent babies for a chat / meet up.

(Sorry if i have posted this in the wrong place - Im new to this forum)

Look forward to hearing from you!

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