Anyone with a Baby Jogger City Mini double they'd like to sell?

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VFVF Fri 16-Sep-11 18:47:43

Hi there, a bit of a long shot but I'm expecting no.2 and have my heart set on the Baby Jogger City Mini double pushchair. I've looked on Ebay but they all seem to be local pick up from the other end of the country so not much of a bargain!
I'm not fussy on the colour, and can come and collect it. If anyone has one in a reasonable (although I appreciate used) condition, please PM me with a description and how much you would like for it.
Many thanks!

downpipe Sat 17-Sep-11 17:10:57

Hello, I'm not selling my pushchair but I have a baby & toddler & have the Out & About Little Nipper Double, it is very similar to the Baby Jogger and I can thoroughly recommend it, easy to fold, get in the car, push with 1 hand, baby lies flat etc etc.Someone is selling one on net mums Newcastle at the moment for £75(360 new).Failing that, have you tried Joanna Toys in Monkseaton?They specialise in second hand baby stuff and can put you on a waiting list until someone gives them one to sell.

VFVF Sat 17-Sep-11 19:20:54

Thanks downpipe I will look into that. i didn't realise Joanna toys did prams too! How typical I just drove past today!

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