Parent toddlers in jesmond/sou gosforth?

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mummyistheword Sun 31-Jul-11 00:22:22

I know a few names eg the jesmond parish church one and holy trinity and I think st hildas? But any recommendations please? Need to get dd2 going with something regular to do just for her once dd1 starts pre school again after hols, also any other groups/classes locally u can recommend? Sometimes go to piccolos heaton and Laing gallery toddler Tuesdays, I wonder does jesmond library do things for little ones? Thank you any suggestions I get local mum netters.

downpipe Fri 05-Aug-11 22:32:45

JPC is good, big room with Little Tikes cars etc, smaller room with trains, animals cars etc.Friendly, lots of mums have more than 1child, and the ladies that run it are kind and helpful.It's on weds and Friday I think,there may be a waiting list for Friday but I think they have space on Weds when it starts again in September.Been to the Trinity group too, again, lovely big room lots of ride on toys, crafts,books etc, friendly mums and organisers make an effort to introduce you if new.That's def on a Friday and maybe 1 other morning.Also Pegs in St Charles church hall in Gosforth is good and not too far from S Gosforth/Jesmond,that is on Mon, Tues & Thurs mornings.I found the Trinity group the friendliest because of the effort that people made but they are all nice groups in big spaces with lots to do.

5inthebed Fri 05-Aug-11 22:43:41

Captain Teds in th Gosforth precinct has a toddler ay with activities, they have a website and are on FB. They are a family run business and nice atmosphere.

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