Any MNers from Magor/Undy/Rogiet/Caldicot and surrounding?

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Xmas2013MN8366 Mon 24-Mar-14 15:49:40

We want to move out of Birmingham. [Whispers] (Accepted an offer on our house this morning, yay!) These are the areas we like the look of - can I pick your brains? Do you like where you live? Anywhere else we should be looking at? Anything we should bear in mind? I'm a SAHM with 1 DD (at the mo) of 18 months old, are these groups/classes and so on?

I'd be ever so grateful for any input smile

LocalEditorNewport Tue 25-Mar-14 14:56:13


Welcome to the local Mumsnet site, What a big move! With my limited knowledge of the area I would say you can't go too far wrong around there, I will try and enlist some other Mumsnetters from the area to help you out though!

With regards to groups and classes this is where you should be able to find more information soon, we will be researching these shortly, We are still a new site but will definitely help you find some good groups once you've moved!

Good luck

CareersDragon Thu 27-Mar-14 17:40:15

This is a great area to live in Xmas2013! Very close to transport links & cities like Newport, Cardiff & Bristol, but very friendly & semi- rural in places.
One thing though - all the area along the M4 corridor is being swallowed up by new developments, especially new housing. Plus there's every chance of a new M4 relief road being built to the south of Newport, starting in the Magor area...

Rachael77 Fri 28-Mar-14 05:52:19

I might be able to help you with baby groups etc, I live in Chepstow (which is not far away) but know a few mums who live near Caldicot so your more than welcome to join us when we meet up.

ilovefarnb Fri 28-Mar-14 06:01:55

I can't help specifically as I don't live there now but I did grow up in the area & can tell you the people are very friendly.

We're taking DS to see Caldicot Castle this summer, I spent so much of my childhood there that I can't wait.

Rachael77 Sat 29-Mar-14 07:41:37

There is a meet-ups page for Chepstow if you want to join. I'll make sure this is updated and will arrange a proper meet-up once we get more members.

Sarahincaerwent Sat 29-Mar-14 19:24:28

Im from Birmingham originally and have not long moved to Caerwent near Caldicot. All the surrounding villages & Towns Chepstow etc are lovely. If you want to get intouch Xmas2013MN8366 feel free. I have a little boy Bailey whos just turned 2.

Rachael77 Sun 30-Mar-14 06:17:41

Xmas2013MN8366 and Sarahincaerwent, If your interested in meeting up with other parents keep an eye out on the meet-ups page. I have put a post on there for when a few of us meet up in the week and am planning with a few parents to organise one on a weekend, that way partners, parents that work and older kids can also join (plus I thought that it's sometimes easier to go and meet mums (or dads as we have one dad that joins us) if you can bring your partner or friend for support on the first meeting as it can be hard meeting up with new people.

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