I can't believe how slow this mn local board is!!

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chequersandroastedchestnuts Mon 29-Dec-08 22:23:37

Is there really no one else around from MK?

Katisha Mon 29-Dec-08 22:26:08

Might be...

monkeyfeathers Wed 14-Jan-09 19:17:20

There's me too, but that might well be it.

chancelloroftheexCHEQUERS Wed 14-Jan-09 19:25:32

Hi monkeyfeathers, what part of MK are you in? I'm in West MK.

DunderMifflin Fri 16-Jan-09 11:42:29

Hello everyone - I also wonder why the MK board is slow, but I guess I've never posted on here either...

I live in Wolverton MK12, in case anyone's interested!

CantSleepWontSleep Sat 17-Jan-09 17:35:55

All the local boards are slow, not just this one!

TheRealMrsJohnSimm Sun 18-Jan-09 19:29:31

Hi everyone

I am in East MK now. Used to live in Wolverton until 3 years ago and London before that.

So what do we do to get the board moving?

Katisha Sun 18-Jan-09 19:43:56

Hello TRMrsJS. I am east of MK ie near Leighton Buzzard...Had to take DS1 to a football match near Bletchley yesterday and got v.lost. Why is everywhere in MK a variant of blardy Shenley?
Not quite sure what the local board is for though, really.

MascaraOHara Sun 18-Jan-09 19:59:23

there are at least a dozen MNers from MK (and surrounding areas)

I don't really use the local board though. We can all be found in 'normal' MN land though

SarahL2 Mon 16-Mar-09 13:27:03

I'm here now too...(as long as I'm not facebook/twittering)

DoctorWho Mon 16-Mar-09 21:26:40

I'm here as well!

mummybroccoli Thu 14-May-09 11:10:55

Me too!! I know I'm a bit late, but there's nothing new there lol!

I have joined because I'm jealous of my husband on his 'football forum', I dont really know what I am doing but I'm sure i'll learn grin

I shall try to come visit most evenings, whilst i'm facebooking or eBaying of course!!

Why does nobody use the local groups? they are such a good idea to meet people.

SarahL2 Fri 15-May-09 10:14:44

OK - so we're all here. Now what?

mummybroccoli Fri 15-May-09 10:47:59

Erm.... BuggyFit anyone??? hmm

toddlerama Fri 15-May-09 12:10:53

I would Buggy fit. I'm in Buckingham. Anyone else?

SarahL2 Fri 15-May-09 13:47:24

I used to Buggyfit but DS is 2 now and trying to get him to sit still for the whole session requires a LOT of organic crisps these days!!

Will be back once new baby has arrived and Ds started nursery though

mummybroccoli Fri 15-May-09 18:40:39

I usually go to the one on a monday 10am, meet in the car park of the cricket pavillion in Campbell park CMK (off silbury boulevard at the bottom end furthest away from john lewis), however there is another one on a tuesday morning 10am aat tattenhoe which would be nearer to Buckingham??

tink1973 Sat 19-Sep-09 15:39:59

I am here not been a member that long but like in crownhill have a a girl 8 and a boy 7 hi everyone

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