Relocating to Oldbrook

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GwenStacy Wed 09-Jul-14 16:24:38

Hello smile we're relocating to Oldbrook in August, from Harrow and I'm freaking out a bit because I don't know anyone!

So, how can I meet people? I've got an eight month old - are there any good play groups or babies and bumps type things I can go to? Any crafty get togethers?

Thank you for any help!

nicolacar Tue 15-Jul-14 15:10:43

For finding the social groups Facebook is your best help. Groups usually start with 'MK', 'MK mums' should show some groups. One of the nice mum and tots social groups is planning to have a fixed location in Oldbrook. I can post details.

There are lots of baby classes, activities etc in Milton Keynes.

Toddle about magazine is free to subscribe to and lists many groups by day (delivered quarterly) . Have a look on their website.

PyjamaDramaAmy Wed 16-Jul-14 15:47:06

Mum To Mum MK is the big Facebook group I go on when I need help or am stuck for activities. I asked for the best place to get a chicken kebab from once and had about 30 replies.

Waves as an ex-Hillingdon person now in MK!

Partyrama Thu 24-Jul-14 10:30:01

The Beach comes to thecentre:mk next week! On the 1st, Middleton Hall gets covered in Sand with lots of toys and ice cream and coffee. Its there all summer and its great fun for all ages! Maybe it will be an opportunity to get chatting to people. Although if your a bit shy then I would definitely suggest Facebook - there's plenty of Mum friendly pages/groups. Welcome to MK!

GwenStacy Wed 03-Sep-14 06:04:52

Oh god, I totally forgot I posted this, it actually came up when I was googling for MK mums groups to join on facebook!

Thanks for the suggestions - I can't find the mum to mum group, could someone possibly pm me a link? I've had a look at the toddle about site, looks great - thank you for that smile

Mars1973 Thu 25-Sep-14 23:40:02

Hi, I am a lonely stay at home mum for now (aged 41 but young at heart) of an 19 week old baby boy (first child) and I am looking to meet other mums in the local area for 'playdates', caffeine fixes and two way conversations! Back to work end March but likely will be home and LO starting Nursery in February so I would love for him to gets some social interaction with children of a similar age beforehand. Happy to meet at locations / coffee shops in MK, or to arrange / attend coffee mornings. I don't drive so am finding it difficult to go to anything more than Buggy Bootcamp and local area and to keep up with old friends. I am a bit shy at introducing myself, but once someone talks to me I'm okay. I have tried hanging around after baby clinic at the local centre but the Mummy's there seem to have their own little click and felt awkward about introducing myself or imposing on their conversation. Any suggestions of any nice (free) groups I could join please would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

PyjamaDramaAmy Wed 08-Oct-14 18:24:56

Posting links on here can be a bit hit and miss for me - I shall have a go!

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