Wedding Flowers

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BlueBell86 Mon 16-Jun-14 15:55:04

Hi. I am going through my wedding budget and I am wondering what the average cost of flowers are. For myself, four bridesmaids, and about 10 button wholes. Not too sure if I will have flowers on the tables as I want birdcages and candles as centrepieces.
Any advice or recommendations welcome. I know flowers are fairly pricey. But I dont want to be paying anything more than I need too smile

Thanks lovely ladies x x x

PyjamaDramaAmy Wed 16-Jul-14 15:50:08

Flowers are a completely mixed bag! Here's what we paid in 2012...

Total flowers: £460 for 5 button holes, my bouquet, two massive thank-you arrangements, four smaller bouquets and the top table dressing AND 14 centrepieces.

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