moving from bradville to fishermead!

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mishmash8384 Sat 19-Apr-14 22:26:05

hi, I am hoping for ppls views on this. I live in a very nice new build house in bradville. I am unhappy here in general just dont get on with neighbours and i dont drive so a long trek to school and college each day! (daughter goes to st pauls). i have been on homeswapper site and no-body likes my area! i guess bradville has a bad name sad i have a lady from tolcarne avenue in fishermead very interested in my house and i think the street looks nice and quiet tidy etc. i am worried as such a difference to living here and there? has anybody made a move like this from outskirts to close to the city? does anyone live in fishermead (familys would be great). also bothering me is the house is a semi detached and the attached side is a HMO (multiple occupancy home) i have no idea what its like to live next door to one of those as we dont get them 'round here'. i have friends on gurnards and dont want to ask them these questions in case it offends them.
area would be ideal for me as its short walk to city and college and my daughters school! i would have loads more space to as the house is huge compared to mine! (in a 2 bed now moving to a 3 bed town house). thanks in advance smile

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