Competition! Win a Premium Spa beauty kit worth more than £50.

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LocalEditorMKandBeds Mon 24-Mar-14 09:36:37

It’s time to feel pampered!

Win the newly launched Premium Spa Collection (£55.70). This premium set contains three beauty products that are scented with the elegant fragrance of white tea. Visit for more info.

Simply answer this question, in a message below:

Which scent features in Premium Spa Collection?

Answers will be picked at random. Competition closes on Friday April 4 2014.

Normal Mumsnet Terms and Conditions apply. The competition is open to UK residents only. If we are out of stock we will provide a prize to the same value. No cash equivalent prize will be offered.

MKTumbleTots Tue 25-Mar-14 19:56:32

White tea!!

manilow Mon 31-Mar-14 14:10:21

White Tea...

PyjamaDramaAmy Tue 01-Apr-14 13:50:58

White Tea - yum!

fifisquidpigeon Tue 01-Apr-14 14:29:54

White tea.

FattyMcChubster Tue 01-Apr-14 14:31:08

The elegant fragrance of white tea.

Deelovelock Tue 01-Apr-14 17:39:10

Ooh lovely White Tea

zipzapmk Mon 07-Apr-14 17:10:29

Oh drat. Only just seen this.

But seeing as the prize hasn't been announced and on the off-chance i can enter...

White Tea is the scent that features in the Premium Spa Collection!

LocalEditorMKandBeds Tue 15-Apr-14 22:05:50

And the winner is............



If you could PM me your details (name, delivery address) we can get your lovely Spa set over to you!!

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