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lifeoftree Sun 27-Oct-13 19:06:05

Has anyone noticed that the secondary schools rated 'Outstanding' in 2008-09 are being re-inspected?
Under the new inspection regime Oakgrove recently got rated 'Outstanding' again (2013), but Walton High has been downgraded to 'Good' (2013). WH website stills says it is Outstanding, obviously don't want to admit the school has been downgraded.

I don't know how WH got 'Outstanding' last time, it does not stretch the high ability students enough and the leadership are so remote from the students and parents and they are far too strict about uniform and don't show enough care about the students as individuals. If your child is good does the homework and is not disruptive, they are ignored.

I am waiting to see what Denbigh get which I assume is due an inspection soon too.
Have to do the sixth form open days soon. Really does depend on which subject choice are made in order to decide which school to opt for for sixth form.

cupcakekid Fri 01-Nov-13 16:15:28

I had no idea so thanks for the heads up. I need to start looking at high schools as my eldest is in year 5. Mmmmmm, food for thought!!!!!

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