No Year 9 places in MK - where next?

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barbershopgel Tue 30-Apr-13 18:58:05

Hi. We (DD going into year 10 in September, DS going into year 7) are moving to MK this summer. However apparently there are no free year 10 places at all in MK schools for next year.

Its the start of GCSEs. We're already moving & I really don't want her to have to move schools again. At this stage we could opt to move to another area in commuting distance (Beds/Northants/Bucks???), though we had planned to move to MK and have a tiny commute. What do you advise? What have others done? Isn't there a legal duty for the state to provide enough places at the schools in the area?

Which are the areas nearby with reasonable schools (with places - at this stage think can't go for the highest performing schools with massive waiting lists)? DD is academic & musical, her brother is less focussed & sporty - but I'm less worried if we have to move him again as he is younger, we are churchgoers if there might be a faith-school option too. Thanks for your thoughts.

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