Moving to MK in June - good mum/ baby groups pls for 18mth old girl

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LaCiccolina Fri 25-May-12 17:26:18

Hi, I'm moving to Milton Keynes west side in June. Can anyone recommend some good baby groups with friendly mums? Daughter is 18mths and very active and I'd love to make new local friends.

Thanks a lot

JustJoan Sun 03-Jun-12 09:30:36

I sometimes take my daughter to MK Springers at 11.00am on a Monday. It's got a huge soft play area for an active kid and Anett is brilliant!

LaCiccolina Mon 04-Jun-12 20:01:54

Wonderful! Thank you so much for the suggestion. Was beginning to think there were no other mums in MK! Really appreciate the response. Will def try this out.

JustJoan Sun 10-Jun-12 01:01:18

They do early Sat and Sun as well , We don't go there much, only days off , but if you let Anett know you want to meet similar mums I bet she will introduce you.

freephone Tue 31-Jul-12 12:30:53

mums and tots at loughton baptist church bradwell road is very good £1 per family

caitlin100 Sat 17-Nov-12 11:31:35

We attend two groups a week, one on a wednesday morn and one on a friday morn both start at 10am at daisychain sure start centre, west bletchley. My little girl is 15 months and absolutely loves the groups (she is also very active and sociable!)

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