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hicksie Thu 15-Mar-12 14:04:36

Does anyone have a recent experience of giving birth either in MK hospital or Northampton please? I'm due to have my second in August and trying to decide which hospital to go to as the village i live in is between the two. I had my first in london by c section and may have to have a c section again.

any advice as to which to opt for?

Thank you!

MyLittleMiracle Thu 15-Mar-12 23:30:38

I had my little boy in northampton general almost two years ago and they were absolutely brilliant, i would go there again if i was to fall pregnant, however i have now moved to london so it would be a bi of a trek in labour.

I can honestly say i couldnt have received better care if i had wanted, They were truly amazing.

hicksie Fri 16-Mar-12 12:41:07

Oh brilliant thank you, that's really good to hear!

MyLittleMiracle Fri 16-Mar-12 21:23:13

I think everyone has good and bad experiences, but mine was fantastic! The midwives even asked if i was okay and did i want anything before they left me! And to push the bell if i did! They were fantastic, although has to be siad i werent swearing and shouting at them which probably helps!

A tip is to KEEP MOVING, pace if you have to while in labour, and wiggle those hips, it worked for me! And i hada healthy happy baby boy with no tears or anything! Perfect. couldnt have asked for more!

Treefutom Sun 01-Apr-12 12:23:50

I had a FABULOUS ELCS at Northampton 18mo ago. Can't recommend the staff there enough, they were all fabulous and so caring.

AccidentalLentil Thu 12-Apr-12 14:38:01

Milton Keyens labour ward was brilliant, I honestly couldn't fault it at all. But if I give birth there again, I will discharge my self straight from the labour ward. The postnatal ward was a living hell an utter let down for the labour ward!

-Over crowded to the point of being like a battery chicken farm and understaffed.
-Heating stuck on full blast (mums near collapsing because of the heat but they wouldn't open the windows)
-A CS mum opposite me had to be helped to look after her baby by other mums, she also had to wait 2 hours for pain relief.
-I had to wait 36 hours to be seen by a doctor for what turned out to be a non existent blood pressure problem. When he finally came he said I could have gone home much sooner had the PN MW read my notes properly.
-When I got home I had issues with my stitches (VB cut), when my community MW checked them and my notes she said that the problem should have been noticed on the PN ward checks. My stitches WERE NOT checked at all but were signed off as been checked and fine twice by different staff.
-A close friend of mine gave birth the month after me, had a VERY traumatic VB (because of pre existing complications). She was told not to wash and dress herself on the labour ward, as she had to stay laying down, but wait till she got to the PN ward and the nurses would take care of her and DS. When she got to PN ward she was told not be helped as it was "not their job".

Despite the fact I have epilepsy which makes me high risk and the fact I labour quickly. I'll be going to a MW lead unit next time. Failing that Northampton maybe Bedford (I'm about 5 minuets from MK and 30 minutes or so on a good day from the others).

Hell will freeze over before I choose to go to MK hospital again. Seriously it would have to be a life or death emergency for me to go to MK hospital.

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