Anyone poorly with fever?

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ShariB Mon 05-Mar-12 08:56:03

The whole has has got a weird fever which seems to come in waves every 24 hours or so - anyone else got this? Am sure DS picked it up from school...

Longtallsally Mon 05-Mar-12 08:59:13

It's in Oxford too, or at least something similar. BF had it two weeks ago, DH and DS1 had it last week, DS2 off this week. Seems to last 6 days - two days getting going, two days really ill, two or three days feeling very weak, with muscles aching afterwards. You feel bloody awful - BF never gets ill - but do get patches of feeling better. Middle two days are the worst. Awful cough with it too here.


ShariB Mon 05-Mar-12 13:07:24

Great sad! It is quite nasty as I pride myself on being a tough cookie but it has knocked me a bit ... and looking after the kids and husband all with it is a nightmare! I have never seen the kids sit/lie still for so long! I would have said it was flu but I had my vaccinations earlier this year as I do every year. My advice is to stay in and avoid any pale pasty people!!!

Longtallsally Tue 06-Mar-12 09:43:50

Hope you feel better soon. smile

ShariB Tue 06-Mar-12 16:18:04

Thanks Longtallsally. My husband and I are taking it in turns looking after the kids and resting ourselves. It is horrible seeing DS1 & DS2 so poorly. The cough is particularly nasty and the fever comes and goes. At least I might loose some weight as I haven't eaten for a few days now! every cloud hey wink

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