Making Genuine friendships

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sillybillywilly Tue 01-Jan-13 18:20:24

Where about do you live op?

GoldenSnitch Sat 03-Mar-12 21:53:49

Have a look on the Parks Trust website for the 'Women's walking network'. Might be a good chance to get out for some exercise and meet some ladies in the same situation.

I've still got a pre-schooler so am stuck with the toddler group type clubs for the next couple of years.

lalastar Mon 20-Feb-12 11:56:27

Hello, im a sahm atm, im currently looking for part time work and study part time too, My children are 9 and 4 yrs so are at school full time now. It can get a little boring/ lonely during the day and as ive not been in mk very long I dont really know many people...Id love someone to go to coffee with or maybe an exercise class, walks, shopping,cinema,nights out...anything really smile x

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