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ShariB Sat 24-Sep-11 20:23:19

Hi everyone!

I have just started a diet and need to shift 2 stone of excess and very unwanted weight that has slowly accumulated after the birth of my second son. I am basically knackered all the time anyway but have to do something and stop the treats after the kids have gone to bed.... so any tips to make it even a little bit easier hmm ???

DorothyGherkins Sun 25-Sep-11 18:08:55

There always seems to be loads of the usual advice about cut out carbs, eat loads of fruit and veg...............This is something which worked for me, dont know about you! If you have a cup of tea or coffee (skimmed milk, no sugar of course!) you always feels like cake/biscuit or snack with it. For me, soup needs something to dunk, bread, breadstick, crackers etc. Drink water! Cakes and biscuits dont taste right with it, you dont need anything to dunk in it, and you can drink as much of it as you like! There you are, thats my tip for what its worth! Keep you hands and brain busy when the kids go to bed, knitting, crosswords etc, so you dont feel so inclined to give in to that snack shouting to you!

GoldenSnitch Mon 26-Sep-11 14:55:10

Have you tried Buggyfit? It's now called Push N Tone in Milton keybes but it's the same ladies doing the same thing. There's a session on pretty much every morning somewhere in the city. It's a good way to get back into fitness and you need a buggy so baby can come too. I took DS right up to toddler-hood, although it does get tougher the heavier they are smile

SpecialP Sun 25-Mar-12 19:30:23

Exercise and health were never my strong suit and I just couldnt shift that excess weight I wanted to. I started seeing this Personal Trainer who does home visitis in milton keynes called George Coote and he designed me training programs and helped me with my diet and lifestyle. In 2 months I dropped 2 dress sizes and more importantly felt and looked amazing. If your serious about loosing the weight I would highly recommend him.

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