Avoid MK Baby Gym at Kingston!

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mkwife Mon 06-Dec-10 21:02:58

We went to here today and would strongly advise against it!!

It doesn't state in their advertising but adults with learning disabilities are also allowed into this session and the size of adults trying to jump on trampolines with toddlers is just dangerous.

My toddler ran onto the trampoline where an adult (with learning disabilites I later learnt) was jumping and my toddler was injured. When I informed the staff. they shrugged and told me they were special needs adults and were allowed to jump on trampolines during the babies session. They didnt ask if my son was ok, examine him for injury or didn't even plan to fill in accident forms until I insisted. In fact when the incident occured the coach was not even in the gym!

Not the safest place to go with your precious children in my eyes. I will not be going back.

WillowFae Wed 03-Aug-11 12:39:15

Strange. That must be something new. I went every week with my son about 6 years ago and never experienced that. It was great to go to.

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