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Jodyhatter Tue 30-Mar-10 20:40:00

Hi Ladies

If you are looking for a trusted local tradesman, check out the "Tradesmen We Trust" area of our website:


There you will find a list of tradespeople we have used and highly recommend along with discounts if you mention Naughty Mummy when you book.

No more cowboys! Hurray!
Jo x

oldybutgoody Wed 10-Jul-13 11:52:51

Hi everyone! If anyone needs a good plasterer or other similar job, like tiling,m I would like to recommend Alfie Richards & sons Plastering services. Dean Richards polite, honest and all round good service without disappearing off somewhere else half-way through. Also cleans up so room useable. Will also do other jobs that you may want doing but too small to get someone in specially - the sort of diy jobs that require drills and jigsaws etc! Not often moved to leave such info but REALLY impressed. 07846 727800 for a quote.

twistedblister Thu 14-Nov-13 20:59:45

Rather than putting local tradesmen off site they should be listed on this local site instead rather than taking people away from it. I'd like all this information, contact details and reviews here not somewhere else Jody, that way it will encourage tradesmen to come to the site as well rather than looking for them.

magicberry Mon 18-Nov-13 13:11:52

zombie thread.... Naughty mummy ended years ago; I believe the mums running it moved away.

twistedblister Tue 19-Nov-13 17:02:06

Just checked the site and that is also dead. Even more reason to list them on Mumsnet local.

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