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Lilysmumfromoz Tue 12-May-09 00:35:53

Hi, I am moving to Wimbledon in September from Australia and am looking for people who have babies of a similar age my daughter will be 16 months old. I am going to be near Kings College School if that helps, i am looking for people to have coffee with and also playgroups.

pmk1 Mon 18-May-09 18:31:07

Hi! I'm from Australia (just got back from holiday at home yesterday!) My son is only 5 and a bit months, but i'm in your area! I'm really homesick so getting together might be good!

picklesmama Mon 18-May-09 20:31:55

Hi, there are playgroups at St John's Church Hall (quite near you, on Spencer Hill) and a good nursery there which you may want to think about signing her up for (start around aged 2). There is also a playgroup at St Mary's church (a bit further, across the village) though I haven't made it there yet!
I am also quite new to the area though my kids are 3 and 8 months.
Also contact the Wimbledon/Wandsworth NCT, they have regular coffee mornings and socials. Contact details [[ here]]

picklesmama Mon 18-May-09 20:32:18

or rather here

pmk1 Wed 20-May-09 11:08:51

thanks picklesmama - have had a look and will try and make the next one!
Lilysmumfromoz you still around?

Lilysmumfromoz Wed 03-Jun-09 04:31:56

Sorry pmk1 i haven't been on here for ages, just trying to get everything sorted for the move but i have enrolled my daughter into Teddies Day Nursery for 1.5 days a week. It came highly recommended and my brother had a look round and he thought it was really nice. How long have you been in the UK? It will be nice to meet some contacts from here for when i come over because it can get very lonely!
Thank you picklesmama for the info on Playgroups i will check them out.
Speak soon, i will make sure i keep on this site.

pmk1 Wed 03-Jun-09 17:27:08

Hi Lilysmum, I had your thread on 'watch' but was about to delete as thought you had disapeared!
I don't know what the daycare is like around here as I haven't needed it yet, but it's good your brother could check it out. Does he live here then? Are you British or Aust? I lived in the UK about 3.5 years (well 4 and a bit off and on) but have moved around a bit so could never really get settled. Why are you moving to Wimbledon? Are you staying long?

Lilysmumfromoz Thu 04-Jun-09 08:48:13

Hi pmk1, i am British but have been in Australia for 4 years and have a Aussie husband. We are coming back to the UK because he has been offered a fantastic job opportunity at Kings College School in Wimbledon and they gave us an offer we couldn't turn down. We will be in the UK for over 2 years.
My brother lives about 40 mins away so it wasn't far for him to drive which is good. I'm very nervous about coming back beacuse i love it so much here and have a great network of friends.
Are you with a british person?
Its so nice to be able to be in contact with people who will be in teh area when i get there.
Speak soon

pmk1 Fri 05-Jun-09 07:52:56

Hi Lilysmum, yes I know what you mean, I miss Australia - where have you been living? We are here for at least another 2 years or maybe more as well due to husbands job. The weather has been lovely though, so that always helps! My husband is British, but we do lots of trips home as he really likes it there too.
Kings is right near our favourite pub - it's a great area. Do you need any info on other stuff in the area? I can always email if you'd prefer.

Lilysmumfromoz Mon 08-Jun-09 23:26:05

Hi pmk1, We live in Canberra we have travelled to Queensland and things like that but mu husband is born and bred Canberra. Where abouts r u from in Oz? Will you ever be coming back permanantly? Which is your favourite pub my husband fell in love with The Hand in Hand.
How is everything going with your son? 5.5 months is a beautiful age my daughter is 13 months and is really getting her won personality and staying to say a few words. I am so pleased that i have got her into Teddies Day Nursery it gave me a bit of peace of mind. Are you staying at home with your bub or will you be going back to work at some point. Do you live near Kings? We will be living in Arterberry road.
What sort of info do you think i will need? I have no idea there is so much planning to do this end that i haven't really thought about over there much.

pmk1 Tue 09-Jun-09 11:58:56

Hi lilysmum,
I have sent you a 'cat' message

Lilysmumfromoz Mon 22-Jun-09 11:46:27

Hi pmk1, i sent you an email, just checking you got it ok?
Speak soon.

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