Hello! any Mums with Toddlers in Morden/Sutton areas?????

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Amb2 Tue 01-Jul-08 12:20:39

Hi There,
I am a 29year old mum with a beautiful 16month daughter... We both would like to meet some local friends! Can anyone recommend a nice friendly toddler group/ activites on Mon or Thurs? Or does anyone fancy a playdate?

FruitynNutty Thu 10-Jul-08 08:34:25

Hi there Amb2 If you can get down to Colliers Wood, there's a lovely parent/toddler group at the community centre on Thursdays I think it's 9-12 ish.
Also Ragdolls parent/toddler group which is really nice at Benedict School in Mitcham on Mons and Fri's 9.30-11.30

You meet some lovely local mums at these groups. I'm a Childminder in the area and since moving here (1.5 yrs ago) I've met some wonderful people grin

eyelashes Mon 18-Aug-08 11:14:47

HI Amb2 , there will be an NCT open house at 30 OCT at Raynes'Park, (probably very near to where u are) I will be the host and will be very happy to meet you.I alsohave an 13 months old angel (Sophia)

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