Calling single mums... fancy a drink?

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jennythepenguin Thu 07-Jun-07 20:36:39

I'm bringing up eight-month-old Georgie on my own, plus working full-time, and am damn keen to find some other people in my area who know what it's like doing this solo parenting malarkey. All the mums in my ante-natal group, great as they are, are married, and I don't know any single mums near where I live in SW19.
So if you fancy a coffee or a glass of wine, and a good old grouse about what it's like being the only one there to get up in the night when they've got a sore fang, then get in touch by posting on this thread.

jennythepenguin Thu 28-Jun-07 21:06:50

Eek, no-one's replied! Forget I said it, must have sounded desperate.

rice Fri 16-Nov-07 09:34:54

I'm not a single Mum I'm afraid but feel like it sometimes ... don't we all?! Have you tried posting on Wandsworth?

kaskasmummy Mon 10-Mar-08 11:23:08

Hi, Have only joined this site today so this maybe totally out of date now! I am a single mum in sw19 bringing up my daughter who is nearly 9months old and likewise would like to meet other single mums in the area.

LizzyWhizz Tue 18-Mar-08 09:21:15

Me too! I have a 7 month son, and saw this posting the other week and wanted to reply. Glad you have beaten me to it!

Natasha104 Fri 23-May-08 11:56:50

Hi kaskasmummy (and everyone else). I'm bringing up 10-month-old Harrison and although his father and I are trying to give things another go, I still feel and live like a single mum. Always looking to make new friends x

Curlybubba Sat 10-Oct-09 07:03:58

Hi ladies, I realise the last post on here was a while ago, but I hope you guys check back on here Im a single Mum, my son is 5 yrs old. I will be moving to Wimbledon in July 2010, and would love to meet up with other single Mums....or with Mums who feel like single parents ;) I do know that its hard to meet single Mums, so would love the opportunity. Take care xx

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