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CrinolineFrou Sun 25-Jun-17 21:35:27


I know this has been done before but I would really like some fresh opinions/reviews from current parents at these local independents.

What do you love? What do you dislike? Are your children happy? Are they challenged and/or supported enough?

We have been to see The Rowans which we loved, we thought Willington was lovely and the boys were really nice people (but the facilities are so-so due to small site"), we have been to see Rokeby which left us confused, lastly we will be viewing WCPS in October.

Thank you for your help.

DrE678 Mon 26-Jun-17 07:04:17

I can answer about Willington as my DS goes there. It's a really lovely school with a great caring ethos. The smaller site is made up for by the use of great playing fields and the resources locally, such as swimming in town. It is a good mix of high academic standards and great pastoral care. I would just warn you that it gets trolled on here by a parent with a grudge so you might want to also look at a forum that isn't anonymous to get some accurate views that don't hide behind the mask of anonymity. I would recommend joining SW19 Mums Network on Facebook- there was a post asking about the Prep Schools on 10 May. You can find it if you search Rowans in the group and set it to 'all posts'.

CrinolineFrou Tue 27-Jun-17 09:46:13

Thank you so much for the pointers.

Will your son attend until 13? I loved Willington when I viewed it and the boys were so lovely to my baby and were fighting over which house he should join. Location-wise it would be the least hard-work solution.

DrE678 Tue 27-Jun-17 10:38:16

He will indeed, he'd stay forever if they'd let him! Good luck with your search, it's an amazing feeling when they settle in to the right school. Do join SW19 mums network if you aren't a member already, it's a mine of useful information.

elemis Tue 27-Jun-17 11:51:35

What about www.Hsw.co.uk?

CrinolineFrou Wed 05-Jul-17 21:14:20

Elemis, no I haven't looked at Hall. Will do now.

Do(es) your child(ren) attend there?

elemis Thu 06-Jul-17 19:16:53

He loves it
I love it
I'd defintely suggest going to an open morning

ttbn Tue 12-Sep-17 22:30:29

My son is at Rowans and I cannot fault it. He loves it there. The new head is great and nurturing. The academic level is high though and the kids are kept busy. Good balance of things and advantage of co-ed.
Good luck!

michellelai Sun 05-Nov-17 13:56:41

Hi! I’d like to know if can get some opinions about this school from the parents too (we got the offer to start from age 4). I have visited WCPS but it’s just too far with the traffic jam in the morning. (We live in Kingston). Thanks a lot!

michellelai Sun 05-Nov-17 15:48:52

Sorry I forgot to say I'd like to know your opinion about Rokeby prep school. Many thanks!

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