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PinkPeanuts Fri 31-Mar-17 04:58:35

Hi All,

My child and I are moving back to the UK after 2 years abroad. My daughter will be going into year 1 when we get back and I already know that she is going to need support with reading and writing and social skills due to a bitterly disappointing schooling experience where we currently live.

I've always known of Singlegate as being an outstanding school from living in the Merton area for many years prior to moving overseas, however I would really appreciate hearing from parents who are sending their children there now.

I'm mostly interested in pastoral care as it will be a huge change for my dd and I want to know that she will be supported in settling in to new surroundings.

She's not classed as an SEN child where we currently are but I have a suspicion she will be when we return to the UK as she will have gaps that I don't believe will be prevalent in the average Year 1 student that has had a year of solid reception schooling so I'd like to know what learning support systems they have in place, especially for literacy.

Any responses gratefully received smile

HaydonWomble Sun 02-Apr-17 12:51:29

Singlegate was an outstanding school in 2009 when last visited by OFSTED but that doesn't necessarily mean it's currently operating as such. Much can change in 8 years. Not a parent of children there but have heard rumblings of discontent about the school in recent years. There is always a danger of complacency setting in, particularly as 'outstanding' schools aren't revisited with the robust frequency that other schools are.

I'm not sure that being academically behind would necessarily give a child SEN status in state schools? I know of pupils in my DC's school who are behind in the basics because they've moved around (internationally) but am not aware that they have 'statements' as a matter of course unless there are other things going on too.

There is quite a hefty 'price-tag' attached to being statemented and subsequent education funding implications. Given the increasing squeeze on school budgets (which is only going to get worse), the cynic in me would envisage that numbers of pupils receiving statements is likely to go down markedly over time.

Good luck!

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