Missing car metallic Audi A3 in Wimbledon/Wandsworth area SW London area

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TootingBoy Tue 22-Nov-16 14:14:44

hi all,

Would really appreciate if people could keep an eye out for this car in the Wimbledon/Wandsworth SW area. A Family friend was doing some work on the car and has disappeared with it. It's a metallic grey 5 door audi a3 it was due to be resprayed so might have a black bonnet or might be all grey now. Either way very easy to spot with the black bonnet.
Was last seen in the southfields grid area at the beginning of this month. Or if you know of a John Goodacre in the neighbourhood who lived on Trentham street please let me know. Man in his early 50's long hair , beard, overweight, quite scruffy.
Car plate LT63 GGY

Might be something stupid and he has got ill but he has gone quiet and phone switched off, not answering emails and the car has gone for 3 weeks now, family friend so didnt want to involve the Police but its looking like i might have to.

thanks for your help/looking

AlexWimbledon Wed 23-Nov-16 04:25:59

Hve tou tried posting that on SW19 or SW18 Mums Groups (FB)?

Spencerette Wed 23-Nov-16 14:55:25

Definitely post on sw19 mums.

elemis Tue 24-Jan-17 18:44:39

Did you find this?
I'm sure there was a post about a car with lots of parking tickets on it

TootingBoy Fri 31-Mar-17 17:01:59

Yes it turned up, the family friend was taken ill, and was taken to intensive care, while there his phone was stolen so he was unable to contact anyone...hence the disappearance. He turned up the day before the Police were due to come and see me.

LocalEditorMerton Fri 31-Mar-17 17:51:47

Glad there was a happy ending to the tale TootingBoy!

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