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DrE678 Fri 14-Oct-16 14:06:30

We are just starting to look at schools for my DD and I'm getting a bit lost. My DS was much easier as he is very academic and that naturally shortlisted certain schools. My DD on the other hand is mildly dyslexic, very good at sport and very into drama. She could do with a true all rounder school but with some support for her dyslexia. Can anyone recommend some schools? We haven't been wholly happy with her prep's approach to learning support so the dyslexia support is important in her new school. We would consider boarding for the right school or any London/Surrey day school commutable from Wimbledon. Thanks

CentreCourtWimbledon Sat 15-Oct-16 12:56:46

What schools have the prep recommended? I found that going to see those ones helped me decide. Is your dd in year 5?
It would depend on how much her dyslexia affects her ability to do the tests - in this area nearly all the tests are very competitive, but on the less competitive side I would suggest Sutton High, Norte Dame, Hall School Wimbledon and possibly Epsom College and St Johns Leatherhead. I don't have personal experience of these schools or of their dyslexia support, but know children who have gone to all of them

CentreCourtWimbledon Sat 15-Oct-16 12:57:18

Notre Dame (DYAC!)

Greydove Sat 15-Oct-16 16:08:17


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