Desperately seeking Secondary School advice please

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Seemeafterschool Wed 24-Aug-16 00:34:59

Hi there, my family and I are moving back to Wimbledon Village from Edinburgh early next year and I would really appreciate some feedback regarding the local State and Private Schools. At the moment we're looking at The Ursuline and Ricards Lodge as I have a daughter but the process of application is enough to have you running for the hills! Everywhere is so oversubscribed. Although we will very likely go down the state school route as I feel it will better suit my daughter I am also interested to know what experience people have of the other type of schools in the area. Many thanks in advance.

elemis Wed 24-Aug-16 00:53:43

Try the Hall School

Willemdefoeismine Wed 24-Aug-16 08:45:42


Think Ricards Lodge is going from strength to strength and Ursuline always well thought of, so both good state school options.

Don't personally have experience of the local private education sector but Wimbledon High School (GDST) has a very good reputation and lots of local families sent their girls there. There's also Putney High School (also GDST), just down the road in the other direction from Wimbledon Village.

If you're going for an 'in-year' application would there be any chance of your DD, if she's academically bright, being eligible for the state grammars - such as Tiffin Girls (Kingston)? Worth a try? Although it's probably an outside chance, families do move (at DS's grammar school they've had a turnover of about five or six boys in his year group over the past four years) and the schools do operate waiting lists for all years.

Graveney (mixed comprehensive) in Tooting (a bus journey away from Wimbledon town centre) has a very good reputation too (and a partial selective intake), so also worth a try.

You might have an outside chance for Lady Margaret's, state CofE girls comprehensive in nearby Fulham,if you're doing an 'in-year' application and not for Year 7.

Good luck!

logies Wed 24-Aug-16 17:01:30

If you are looking at the ursuline i think you may have to fill out a supplementary form by your parish priest to prove regular attendance at mass.
I know our primary school give out tickets once a month in mass for years 4 and 5 to prove mass attendance.

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