Mandarin private lesson in Wimbledon for 3+ years (interest collection)

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dimplerain Thu 28-Jul-16 09:03:14

Dear all,

I just moved to Wimbledon with my family a month ago and still exploring the area plus try to make new friends! My DS is turning 3 next month and am thinking to get him expose to some language education via playing. I personally speak both Cantonese and Mandarin but Cantonese is our first language at home. I used to go to Canada Water for some toddler mandarin class organised by a company called Little Bunnies Mandarin which DS likes it as he's exposing to the language via play.

Little Bunnies Mandarin does offer private lesson at home setting ( I.e. The teacher will travel to other part of London outside Canada Water once enough interest is collected, usually up to 8 children with £50 per lesson so parents are sharing the cost). The founder told me that there is teacher available to come to Wimbledon for private lesson from Sep 2016 on for every Sunday afternoon, but just need to collect enough interest. As I just moved to Wimbledon thus I don't know many people around here (or the people I know do not have kids yet!), so am trying my luck on posting here in Mumsnet to see whether any mum with child(ren) 3+ years old would be interested in joining me. Below is the link for Little Bunnies Mandarin private lesson for your information:

I live quite close to the city centre but just a one bedroom flat so my home cannot be the venue for the lessonsad any mum who's interested in joining me and is willing for the lesson to be held at your home that would be much appreciated! Otherwise we can hire somewhere locally like library etc.

Please do let me know if you are interested in!x

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