Pelham primary school

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TwoSpoonsofSugar Tue 26-Jul-16 03:24:53

Hi, asking on behalf of a friend, for feedback on Pelham primary. Results seem mixed but the school seems to have a good reputation locally. Would appreciate candid feedback if anyone is able to help? Thank you.

mordenhallparkheron Tue 26-Jul-16 15:11:57

We love pelham! Our dd is in Y3. Maybe if you said what negative feedback you have had I could be more specific in my comments.

I love the massive diversity of the school - our daughter has friends who are Japanese, Germany, Polish, Australian etc etc and many friends whose patents have really fascinating jobs (writers, lawyers, doctors, but also lots of entrepreneurs). I like that as it gives her fantastic role models.

mordenhallparkheron Tue 26-Jul-16 15:24:49

I think results are in line with national and merton results?

They suffer a bit with mobility - lots of people leaving in the earlier years to move to Surrey or south Africa or wherever and new arrivals coming in just before examinations. I think they do well with the kids who follow the school through iyswim?

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