Merton Abbey and Pelham Primary Schools

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Lazyjj Sun 24-Jul-16 09:17:58

Hello! We are looking to by a house in the Battles area of South Wimbledon which means the kids will most likely go to Merton Abbey Primary School or Pelham Primary. I've heard so many different opinions about the school and I am confused! Would children from Hamilton Road/Quicks Road area get into Pelham? If not Is Merton Abbey a good school? Thanks so much for any advice!

Willemdefoeismine Sun 24-Jul-16 11:12:09

Hi Lazyjj

I think traditionally most DCs living in the Battles area go to Garfield, Holy Trinity CofE or The Priory CofE. Pelham always used to have a minute catchment area (measured in tens of metres!), although I think it's extended markedly with going two-form entry.

This might help you, although catchment areas can vary from year to year:

Looking at the list, Merton Abbey Primary School states "all on time applications received an offer" so not an over-subscribed school (yet). It isn't generally popular amongst SW19 parents but that maybe largely snobbery-driven and to do with it being situated on the doorstep of the High Path Estate (from whence it gets most of its pupils).

I think you'd ideally need to visit all possible schools to compare and contrast.

Good luck.

Lazyjj Thu 28-Jul-16 21:01:10

Hi Willemdefoeismine,
Thanks for your reply, that's really helpful advice! I think you are right, visiting schools is the only way to really gauge it!

HaydonWomble Tue 02-Aug-16 08:07:47

Yes, I'd second visiting the schools.

It really depends what you are looking or in a school. I think many (Wimbledon) parents are rather snobby about Merton Abbey Primary School but it might just have the approach that resonates with you and your DCs - more so than Pelham or any of the other Wimbledon ones.

There's also the Park Community School on Morden/Dorset Road which, from its brochure, seems to have a lovely ethos.

VictoryGirl Tue 02-Aug-16 16:30:00

I don't know anyone who has children in MA school so can't help on that one. There are plenty of children in the Battles attending Pelham, Priory and Holy Trinity though. There's also All Saints and Garfield so plenty of choice.

LocalEditorMerton Tue 02-Aug-16 18:51:54

Comment by Mrs Melissa Murrill (‏@MrsMurrill) via Twitter:

"@MumsnetMerton @MertonAbbeySch best school ever for a good family atmosphere, lovely teachers and head well worth a look no probs 2 kids in"

Trying to encourage Melissa to venture on here to answer any specific questions you may have, Lazyjj.

makedoandmend1 Wed 03-Aug-16 12:17:25

(I'm not Melissa Murrell but) ...we lived in the Battles area, and my children went to Merton Abbey, and we were very happy there.
Strengths - headteacher very focused and professional, staff very caring, good academics with high standard expected, lovely family atmosphere. I approached the school twice with issues - both times they were solved instantly (within hours) and I was personally contacted by the head and other involved staff to ensure the problem was properly fixed.
Weaknesses - communication with parents. They really needed to make better use of ParentMail, and have more opportunities for parents to talk to the teachers about children's progress.

Lazyjj Sun 07-Aug-16 16:26:40

Thank you for your comments, ladies, it's reassuring to hear positive things about all the schools in the area!

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